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  • September 24, 2018
  • Aeration: Taking Care of Your Lawn

    Aeration is defined as the procedure in which air is allowed to circulate, mixed, or dissolved in any substance. This may appear in various forms like aeration in liquids, aeration in food, and many others. Nonetheless, this document will only tackle doing soil aeration as a method for lawn preservation. Read more about it in the succeeding paragraphs.

    It is known that lawn care needs regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing, but a highly significant procedure may also include aeration. Generally, aeration in soil would indicate to create slots to enable motion of air, water, and nutrients that will completely be absorbed in the roots. When accomplished in the right way, the roots can grow healthy and ultimately, a providing good health for the lawn.

    The Major Reason of Aerating your Soil/Lawn

    There could probably ample of reasons why soil should be aerated. However, the main reason would be to cure soil compaction. You see, compacted soil is very common in areas of where people are around and stepping on and/or when the soil is mostly made up of clay type. And when soil is compacted, chances are, nutrients, water, and other elements needed for the grass to grow cannot penetrate, thus makes it wither if not attended.

    The Recommended Time to Do Soil

    According to a reputable website for lawn aeration, the ideal time to do aeration is during cooling temperatures that is, fall. Generally, the grass is actively growing in this season and weed germination is at the minimum.

    Aerating the soil in late spring can be done as well but you have to make sure that the soil is seriously impacted. Moreover, you must see to it that weeds are already set but should not yet bear flowers and seeds.

    Probably you may question why during early spring or the entire spring season. Well, the best info. I could give (according to website resources) would be because weeds propagate more during this season and if you will be aerating your lawn during this time, you will just be making an ideal home for these pests. Even so, this may also be according to the current situation of your soil. Even when aeration in spring is discouraged, when you have a highly compacted soil and the grass is bound to die, then probably, aeration should be done.

    Machines and Tools to Do Soil or Lawn Aeration

    There can be several tools to do aeration out there (like plug aerator and spike aerator) but I guess I will just leave this for you to discover more. Make use of the Internet and enter a reliable and homepage that relates to your fact-finding pursuit. Yet, here are the most basic info. that you must put in mind: One, always choose tools that provide quality soil aeration; two, have the most durable pieces and; three, opt for the easy to use aeration tools.